Oxfam Ambassador Kristin Davis visits drought stricken Horn of Africa

Actress Kristin Davis has been visiting the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya with Oxfam, to see the devastating impact of the drought. More than 10 million people are facing desperate food shortages in the worst food crisis of the 21st century.

Kristin said: “I feel shocked to see what these people have gone through. I met women who have walked for 20 days through the desert, with children dying on the way, only to arrive at a camp where there is hardly any food and water to go around. We must not allow this to happen in this day and age. Anything that you can give will help people who have absolutely nothing.”

1,300 people a day are arriving in Dadaab, fleeing the drought and war in Somalia. The world’s largest refugee complex is severely overcrowded and now shelters 380,000 people – four times its intended capacity – with many more expected over the next few months. Many refugees arrive malnourished and in desperate need of water, food and healthcare.
The Sex and the City star was travelling in Tanzania with the charity as part of her long term commitment as an Oxfam Ambassador. When she heard about the scale of the disaster in the Horn of Africa, she decided to extend her trip and visit one of the worst hit areas.


Oxfam's East Africa food crisis appeal will help provide life-saving water, food and sanitation to over 3 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. These Oxfam affiliates are running direct appeals for this food crisis:

Alternatively, you can also make a donation to the general emergency fund of your nearest national Oxfam affiliate. Your money will be used to fund our emergency work worldwide, which includes responding in countries such as Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

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