Chair of Oxfam International's Board of Supervisors, Dr. Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight, steps down

Dr. Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight today stepped down as the Chair of the Board of Supervisors of Oxfam International. The Chair is a three-year tenure position that he has occupied since 2015. Oxfam has appointed Dr. Henrietta Campbell, Deputy Chair of Oxfam International, as Acting Chair.

Dr. Fuentes Knight faces charges brought against him and other former government officials in Guatemala, dating back to his time as Minister of Finance in 2009. Oxfam supports Dr. Fuentes Knight and his decision to devote his time now to vigorously contest these charges.

Dr. Fuentes Knight was a dedicated and successful Chair during his tenure, having been instrumental in overseeing a number of important changes to Oxfam’s governance and operating structures, among many other achievements. These include the successful on-going initiative to shift Oxfam’s international headquarters from Oxford to Nairobi, and in the restructuring of Oxfam’s program operations in nearly 90 countries.

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