Oxfam reaction to David Malpass' press conference

In reaction to new World Bank president David Malpass’ press conference this morning, Oxfam International's Head of Washington DC Office, Nadia Daar said,

"We welcome Mr. Malpass’ reference to the bank's existing Climate Action Plan and his emphasis on mitigation as well as adaptation financing, which is crucial given that climate impacts hit the poorest hardest. But we can't settle for what the World Bank has committed to so far - now is the time to build momentum and raise ambition of all members, proving the bank's value as a leader on such urgent global issues.

"During an IDA replenishment year, we are pleased to see Mr. Malpass emphasize the needs of the poorest and we expect him to ensure all operations are furthering that mandate of the bank. We know, however, that if we don't address growing inequality, we will continue to see regressions in progress fighting poverty that countries have made over the years.  We expect the bank to start making quicker progress on the issue of inequality. It is easy to talk about poverty. Real leadership will talk about the wealthy as well. 

"The private sector has a crucial role to play in growing economies and IFCs will play an important role there. We remind the bank to ensure it is not promoting the private sector in a way that usurps government's role particularly on providing universal, quality, free health and education for all. We have been  concerned about the bank's increasing trend of promoting private provision of education through public private partnerships and hope this is a trend that will be quickly reversed.”

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