Oxfam reaction to Ugandan Government’s $86 million appeal to support South Sudanese refugees

In response to the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda’s appeal for funds to support South Sudanese refugees, Oxfam’s Country Director in Uganda, Peter Kamalingin, said:

“Oxfam is committed to helping people cope with and recover from the devastating effect South Sudan’s conflict has had throughout the region, and we are closely coordinating with the Office of the Prime Minister, UNHCR and others to ensure the needs of South Sudanese refugees and their Ugandan host communities are fully met.

Together with our local partners, Oxfam is already hard at work in Adjumani and Arua—and in South Sudan as well—providing clean water and sanitation facilities to thousands of South Sudanese who have fled the violence.

Oxfam urges political and civil society leaders in the region to ensure the ceasefire lasts so that the process of recovery can begin.”

Notes to Editors:

In Uganda, Oxfam’s response addresses the immediate humanitarian and protection needs of refugees and host communities, while also providing longer term support to help rebuild people’s lives and livelihoods. The intervention will include provision of water, sanitation facilities like latrines and bath shelters, hygiene promotion and the provision of energy-efficient cooking stoves.

In South Sudan, Oxfam is working with the UN and other humanitarian agencies to distribute food and water to those affected by the crisis, and to dig latrines and build other sanitation and hygiene necessities. Oxfam response areas include Tong Ping and UN House in Juba, and Awerial in Lakes state. To date, Oxfam has reached 115,000 beneficiaries.

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