Mediterranean migration crisis: stories from the ground

65 million people had been forced to leave their homes by conflict and violence in 2015. Millions more have left everything behind fleeing disasters. Families have been torn apart and men, women and children forced to leave their lives behind in search of safety, often taking just the few possessions they can carry.

Many of the migrants and refugees arriving in Europe face daily uncertainty and practical challenges, from availability of basic information to the increasing risk posed by human trafficking and migrant smuggling. Half of them are women and children.

We have gathered a few of the stories of those affected by the crisis in this map. You can learn how Oxfam is helping and act to make a difference to people on the move.

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Disclaimer: The information on this map was provided by field interviews and it only shows a representation of Oxfam's work in a selection of hosting countries. Oxfam is working in nine of the ten top refugee source countries as well as in refugee host countries.   

What can you do?

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We work and deliver assistance in nine out of the 10 top source countries for refugees globally. This includes bringing safe water to people in Syria, building water systems in camps in Lebanon and Jordan, and distributing warm clothes, food, and toiletries to people in Greece, Italy, Macedonia and Serbia. But we urgently need your help to reach more people affected by this crisis.

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#StandAsOne with those forced to flee from conflict and violence
This September, governments will meet at the UN in New York to make commitments to improve the way people forced to flee are treated. Together we can help make sure world leaders guarantee them safety, protection and a dignified future by delivering a petition with over 100,000 signatures!

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