The `Museum Without A Home – An Exhibition of Hospitality` goes live with exhibits all around Athens

A shirt, coloured crayons, a toy, a drum… These are some of the items that will be `exhibited` from 14 November onwards in the novel and unique `Museum without a Home`, an initiative by the Greek section of Amnesty International and Oxfam, the international confederation against poverty and inequality.  

Starting on 14 November, the entire city of Athens transforms into a “museum”, acknowledging, showcasing, and celebrating the solidarity of the Greek people towards people fleeing their country and calling on Greeks and people -as well as leaders- worldwide to pledge to support dignity and safety for all.

In the “Museum Without A Home”, the exhibits are real objects that Greek women, men, and children donated to people in need of protection in Greece, to comfort them and help to make the difficulties of daily life more manageable. These objects represent the solidarity displayed and symbolize friendships that have been formed over many months. Photographs of the objects can be found at bus and tram stops, inside metro stations and inside trains around Athens. 

At the same time, real objects will be displayed in the Acropolis Museum, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Cultural Centre Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Frissiras Museum, as well as the Museum of School Life and Education, so that visitors can see up close exhibits full of solidarity and love. Each object is accompanied by a true story of solidarity and hope that reflects the power of people to make positive change. 

Simultaneously, everyone will be able to see the exhibits and personal testimonies of the people that donated the objects and the people that received them and support with their signature the efforts by the Greek section of Amnesty International and Oxfam for safety and dignity for all.

Greece is a country famous for its contribution to philosophy, democracy and civilization in general. Millions of people visit the country every year, mainly to see its history up close and visit its museums. The `Museum Without A Home` is a tribute to the history that is being made by contemporary Greek citizens, who supported, in a very difficult period of time, people who had to leave their country, in search of safety and dignity. It’s a “museum” dedicated to humanity and hope, two values that we cannot allow to fade.

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