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In an open letter, a large coalition of civil society organizations and trade unions, including Oxfam, is asking European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker for a more ambitious proposal on tax transparency.
The European Commission has proposed legislation that recognises the rights and importance of all whistleblowers in the EU, including those reporting on tax malpractices. Oxfam welcomes the protection mechanisms that will establish safe channels for whistleblowers to report within and outside of their organisation.
Oxfam strongly welcomes today’s leaked documents on Luxembourg’s tax haven operations revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), showing that Luxembourg granted favorable tax treatment to many multinational corporations in order for them to dodge taxes by routing their profits through the country.
The European Commission today published a proposal setting out plans to increase transparency on tax issues within the European Union. In reaction to the publication, Catherine Olier, Oxfam’s EU policy advisor, said: “While the European Commission is at last aware of the need for corporate tax transparency, it is still not addressing the issue head on. This feeble proposal fails to confront tax dodging by big business, and does nothing to stop sweetheart tax deals, such as those exposed by the recent LuxLeaks scandal.” “By not including country by country reporting...