Spread the word

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Inspire others, spread the word.

Spread the word

Join with us to grow our work to end poverty and injustice by sharing the inspiring stories, images & videos we publish every day. Tweet, pin or share what touches you to start a conversation with your friends, family and colleagues. Here are a few links to get your conversation started:

Oxfam in Action


The GROW campaign

Emergency Response

You don't need a social media account to spread the word, you can send an email, make a call or send a text to share a memorable story or to ask someone to do something on behalf of Oxfam.

Share your thoughts

Share your thoughts with others by commenting on our blogs, videos, images and articles or use your own blog.

Let people know that you support Oxfam or to tell your Oxfam story.

Make sure you keep up to date by subscribing to our RSS feeds.

Go local

Oxfam online has plenty more ideas for sharing and raising awareness, if you have an Oxfam near you take a look at what is happening locally.