East Africa drought with Mary Robinson from Dadaab camp and Anna Ridout

East Africa drought w/ Mary Robinson from Dadaab camp and Anna Ridout (ITV)

ITV News

Large parts of East Africa are facing the world's worst food crisis. Across the region Oxfam's humanitarian response is aiming to reach approximately three million people with life-saving water, sanitation services, food, and cash.

The UN announcement of famine in Somalia is both a wake-up call to the scale of the crisis, and a wake-up call to the solutions needed to save lives now and prevent such disasters in the future.

More than 3,000 refugees are leaving Somalia daily, with children dying of causes related to malnutrition, exacerbated by the long journeys families have to make to reach emergency assistance.

Mary Robinson, Oxfam International's Honorary President, visited the Dadaab refugee camp: "I hope my visit can highlight this injustice, increase awareness of the impacts of climate change and encourage the international community to respond."

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Footage courtesy ITV News.