Food crisis in Sahel: A Chad market garden

Food crisis in Sahel: A Chad market garden


Adjitti Mahamat works in an Oxfam market garden in the Guera region of Chad. She eats the vegetables from this garden or sell them to essentially buy millet. She talks about how difficult it is to live with so little food.

In Chad, 13 out of 22 regions could be affected by this food crisis: some 2.4 million people don't have always enough to eat. In Chad, where Oxfam has been present for over 45 years, we aim to reach over 200,000 people for the current crisis with cash transfers, seed distribution, food for herds, and veterinary care.

Recent evaluations suggest 12 million people across West and Central Africa are facing a food crisis following erratic rains that have caused poor food harvests and water shortages. Oxfam is gearing up our response: we hope to reach one million people across Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger with humanitarian aid.

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