A long way from Hogwarts: Bonnie Wright highlights West Africa food crisis

Bonnie Wright - Ambassador for Oxfam GB - Visits Senegal


Chances are you know her as Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films, but there’s more to actress Bonnie Wright than magic and monsters.

Bonnie recently visited Senegal with us in July to see firsthand how the food crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa is affecting vulnerable communities, and to learn about what Oxfam’s doing to support them.

This video shows Bonnie meeting Oxfam staff and local families in the Kedougou region of Southern Senegal. Initially surprised that a country facing such severe food shortages could be so green, she said: “When I arrived … it was hard to see that this was a country where thousands of people are suffering from extreme hunger … everywhere was green and lush. I quickly learnt however that this green was hiding the reality, a deep seated hunger that was so present in the lives of the families I spoke to.

“I hope that with public support, Oxfam can continue to help people in these moments and tackle the underlying causes of the crisis to help prevent them happening again.”

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We're hoping to raise $60 million in order to reach 1.8 million people. So far we've raised two-thirds of that amount. (6 August 2012)