Oxfam in East Africa: a 6 months Thank You

Oxfam in East Africa, 6 months on: Thank You


With your help, Oxfam has provided life-giving support to more than 2.8 million across drought-striken areas of East Africa.

Six months ago Oxfam launched our biggest ever Africa appeal in response to the drought in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. The crisis is one of the worst we have faced in many years -- over 13 million people have been affected, thousands have died, and many families have lost their livelihoods.

The situation remains extremely concerning, especially in Somalia. However, your help has gone a very long way. In response to the appeal, the public all over the world donated around $32 million to Oxfam.

This response has saved many lives and Oxfam continues to provide emergency and long-term support to nearly 3 million affected people across the region, helping them recover and cope with future droughts.

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