Our governance

Oxfam International is a Foundation registered in the Hague, Netherlands, and as a foreign company limited by guarantee in the United Kingdom. The 17 Oxfam affiliates are members of the Foundation and subscribe to its Constitution.

Oxfam International has two Boards which meet annually to ensure that the Oxfam International Secretariat is equipped to deliver its part of the Strategic and Operational Plans and oversees its Budget. The power to manage the Secretariat is delegated to the Oxfam International Executive Director.

Board of Supervisors

The members of the Board of Supervisors, apart from the Chair and Treasurer if independent, are the Affiliate Chairs. In April 2015, Juan Alberto Fuentes was appointed to the role of Chair.

The duties of the Board of Supervisors are to:

  • Appoint the OI Executive Director;
  • Supervise and approve the work of the Executive Board and Board Committees;
  • Adopt the annual financial accounts of the Foundation;
  • Approve the Foundation's purpose and beliefs;
  • Approve the Foundation's constitutional documents; and
  • Approve the Oxfam Strategic Plan.

Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board are the Executive Directors of the Oxfam Affiliates.

Duties and responsibilities are to:

  • Manage the Foundation and organize the jointly agreed common activities of the Affiliates;
  • Prepare, implement and update the Oxfam Strategic Plan through consultations with the Affiliates;
  • Maintain and update the risk register of the Foundation and the Affiliates, and manage risks;
  • Prepare an annual accountability report;
  • Establish working groups;
  • Prepare the Foundation’s purposes and beliefs, Code of Conduct and Rules of Procedure;
  • Make proposals on confederation growth to the Board of Supervisors
  • Prepare policy and strategy documents and programs, and delegating the development of more detailed plans, policies and protocols to working groups, and
  • Ensure that a common and coordinated implementation of such documents and programs is accomplished throughout the Affiliates.

The Executive Board regularly updates the Board of Supervisors on its work and informs the Board of Supervisors of any significant matters of which it becomes aware, relevant for the overall well-being of the Foundation and the common interests of the Affiliates.

Oxfam Affiliates

Our 17 affiliates are:

The Secretariat

The Secretariat based in Oxford, United Kingdom helps to co-ordinate the work of the confederation. We also have campaigning and advocacy staff in Addis Ababa, Brasilia, Brussels, Geneva, New York and Washington.