Voices rising: Rohingya priorities for an end to their displacement in Myanmar

Fecha de publicación: 23 Octubre 2020
Autor/a: Oxfam

In central Rakhine State, Myanmar, 130,000 displaced Rohingya and Kaman people have been confined to camps for more than eight years. Without access to basics such as adequate education and healthcare services and largely unable to leave the camps, these communities urgently need real solutions that will support their rights and dignity. The Myanmar government has also recognized the importance of bringing an end to these camps and has taken some steps in this direction.

This report explores the current policy commitments made by the Government of Myanmar in relation to durable solutions for displaced Rohingya in Rakhine State. It then focuses on findings from extensive discussions with displaced Rohingya people, particularly women, regarding their priorities for an end to their displacement and opportunities for a better future. 

The IDPs consistently pointed to the importance of being consulted and engaged as part of any process aimed at closing the camps, of having their rights recognized, particularly in relation to freedom of movement, and of being afforded choice in terms of possible return to their places of origin or another place of their choosing.