Oxfam reaction to Donors’ pledges on Yemen: Donors need to ensure the generous pledges turn into real aid that saves lives

(The ‘Friends of Yemen’ Meeting saw an additional US$1.5 Billion pledged for the Yemen’s Transition Process. This bring the total pledges since May to US$7.9 Billion)

Kelly Gilbride of Oxfam said:

“Donors need to ensure the generous pledges to Yemen are turned into real aid that saves lives. Close to 8$ billion has been pledged in the last four months alone for Yemen. Donors need to ensure that they channel a significant portion of this aid to emergency needs or they risk derailing Yemen's development and future.

“The country is in the grip of a severe hunger crisis with no less than 10 million people - almost half the population - without enough food to eat.  

“Women have told Oxfam that their lives have got worse since last year's political upheaval. People are taking ever more desperate measures just to get food to eat - they are pulling their children out of school to beg, they are marrying their daughters young so there's one less mouth to feed, and they are getting more in debt. They know this is damaging for their futures, but they have no choice as they are struggling to survive today.

“The UN appeal still remains half funded. It would take a fraction of what has been pledged this year to fully fund the UN appeal. This must be done urgently so that aid agencies can continue to deliver life-saving aid to millions of Yemenis.”

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