Keynote speech by World Bank President Dr Jim Yong Kim, at the World Health Assembly

Oxfam's Senior Health Policy Advisor Dr Mohga Kamal Yanni said:

"The World Bank is becoming a major champion on Universal Health Coverage and we applaud President Kim's leadership on this issue. Universal coverage cannot happen without major, scaled up public investments in health; the Bank must now change the way it works to help countries achieve this. By working with the World Health Organization, the Bank can support countries to ensure that every citizen gets access to the healthcare they need.

"Evidence shows that to reach the poorest and most vulnerable people, governments should increase public expenditure on health and expand public delivery of health services. The World Bank is in a unique position to be able to give countries proactive advice to help them achieve Universal Health Coverage, as well as supporting them with its financing, and through building efficient and progressive tax systems.

"We welcome the World Bank's support for countries to remove user fees which is a major financial barrier to achieving Universal Health Coverage, but fees must not be replaced by insurance."


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