Photo-Call by Oxfam on the Syrian Conflict

Syria : Photo-Call by Oxfam

When and Where: Wednesday 25th September at 9am to 11am for all TVs and Photo desks on Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. (46th and 1st Ave in New York)

What: Oxfam will exhibit in massive 3D Canvas of 26ft by 20ft (6 x 4 Meters) portraying Syrian refugees looking on to Presidents Putin and Obama sitting at a table over a map of Syria.

***The 3D painting is by artist Eduardo Relero who has done exhibit in Berlin, Madrid, Buenos Aires and elsewhere.

You can find some of his street art here:

Oxfam America's President Ray Offenheiser will be available for comments.


LOUIS BELANGER | Humanitarian Media Officer | OXFAM
Cell +1 917 224 0834 Twitter:

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