Oxfam 6-month accountability report: Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel crisis

Publication date: 13 mai 2024
Auteur: Oxfam

The horrific 7 October 2023 attacks by Palestinian armed groups, sparked the latest and most brutal onslaught of violence carried out by Israel against Palestinians in its 57-year-long occupation of Palestine. 

Six months into the war, a meaningful and safe humanitarian response has been made extremely difficult by the Government of Israel. Despite unprecedented challenges and ongoing hostilities against aid workers, Oxfam has mounted a humanitarian response by working closely with our local partners.

To date, Oxfam along with 14 partner organisations, has reached 262,424 people with cash, food, and essential basic items. This also included restoring water and sanitation and providing protection services to vulnerable groups. Oxfam has also led a global movement for a permanent ceasefire and to allow unfettered humanitarian aid into Gaza. We are grateful to our supporters and institutional donors for their contributions to this response.

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