Syrians need full-scale aid, not meagre measures says Oxfam

Publié: 27th mai 2024

Reacting to donor pledges made at the Brussels conference on Syria today, Oxfam in Syria Country Director, Moutaz Adham, said:    

"While we welcome the pledges made today, the discussion remains far removed from the harsh realities Syrians face.

"Funding still fails to match the scale of needs and year after year, the number of people relying on aid grows, a stark reminder of the eminent collapse in Syria’s humanitarian situation. For everyday Syrians, securing food, water and electricity is a struggle. This struggle is compounded by the imminent collapse of basic service infrastructure like water systems and bakeries. 

"Discussions in Brussels miss the mark. Donors must break the cycle of underfunded humanitarian efforts, fully fund their pledges and ensure humanitarian aid and the wellbeing of Syrians are put ahead of politics.

"It is time to move beyond measures that only ensure survival and instead create conditions for sustainable recovery where Syrians can thrive."

Notes aux rédactions

In 2024, 16.7 million people are expected to require assistance, the largest number ever since the beginning of the crisis in 2011.

Since 2013, Oxfam has been working in Syria and with Syrians in neighbouring countries and the communities hosting them. Together with partners, we make sure people have clean water, distribute cash so people can put food on the table and cover their essential needs, support women to start their businesses, support farmers to start farming again by distributing seeds and doing trainings, and bakers to start baking again by fixing damaged bakeries. 


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