Cookies Notice

When visiting, some cookies will be installed on your computer or device. Oxfam International does not use cookies to track you or to retain any personal information, they are used to store some information about the technical capabilities of your computer or device in order to give you a better experience.

We use 3rd party tools to measure user behavior on our site, to run experiments for improving our site, for displaying multi-media content or to facilitate social sharing. Some of these tools may install cookies on your computer or device. Here is an overview of the different cookies which might be installed after a visit to

Google Analytics

We are using Google Analytics for measuring user behavior. The cookies installed by Google Analytics help remember user behavior from page to page. It is not used to track personal information as all data collected by Google Analytics is being anonymized before it is saved.


On pages where we use YouTube to show you videos, YouTube will save some cookies on your device. Most of the cookies are there to offer you better functionality in the video player. However, YouTube also saves a cookie for DoubleClick, Google’s advertisement platform. This cookie allows Google to track you for advertisement personalization purposes. You can opt-out using Google Ads Settings.