Time for Kellogg and General Mills to step up efforts to cut emissions

Publié: 21st mai 2014

In response to the statements from Kellogg and General Mills regarding Oxfam’s “Standing on the Sidelines” report Monique van Zijl, campaign manager for Oxfam’s Behind the Brands campaign said:

“Kellogg and General Mills are right to say that they both have a lot more they can do to address their contribution to climate change. But rather than recycling prior PR statements about their patchwork of climate efforts, it is time for them to step up to the sort of comprehensive commitments outlined by Oxfam’s report.

"In just over 24 hours more than 19,000 people have already contacted both companies directly to urge them to address the climate threat head-on. It’s time for these companies to show they are really listening.”

Oxfam is calling on General Mills and Kellogg to:

  1. Fully measure and disclose their agricultural emissions.

  2. Set clear targets to cut emissions from their agricultural supply chains.

  3. Take substantial steps to increase their advocacy towards governments and the industry.


For interviews or media inquiries, please contact:

Ben Grossman-Cohen, Oxfam Media, Washington, DC
t: +1 (202) 777 2907
m: + 1 (202) 629 6018

For the latest, follow @Oxfam.

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