Brussels donor funds pledged for CAR need to be released immediately

Publié: 18th novembre 2016

Thursday's Brussels donor meeting for Central African Republic has pledged $2.2 billion for one of the world's poorest countries - almost $1billion short of the $3.1 billion total requested by the Central African government. After a history of donor conferences that have failed to fully honor pledged funds, Oxfam says the money needs to be released now if it is to have real impact.

Isidore Ngueuleu, Oxfam’s Advocacy Manager in Central African Republic said: “This $2.2 billion falls short of the requested funds by almost $1billion, but the money pledged could make a real impact for Central Africans if the promised funds are released immediately. Peace, security and reconciliation can no longer wait. We are seeing renewed violence in Central African Republic and any delays in the disbursement and release of these promised funds can only lead to further deterioration of the situation.

"Oxfam has been extremely concerned at the limited funding that has come through this year and hopes these donors' pledges indicate the international community's firm commitment to promote the development and economic recovery of Central African Republic. The humanitarian needs of people in CAR are extremely urgent and these promises must become a reality now: for the half of the population that is hungry and exposed to the violence of armed groups; for the 20% of the population that is displaced; and for the 65% of people who have no access to clean water."


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