As Palestinians move towards unity, aid agency says international community must show support

Publié: 29th avril 2011

In order to improve the lives of Palestinians divided between Gaza and the West Bank it is imperative that the international community welcomes reconciliation and avoids adopting policies that would set unity efforts back, says international aid agency Oxfam. 

“Over the past four years Oxfam and its local partners have seen ordinary people paying the highest price for the divide between Fatah and Hamas. The split has compounded the suffering of civilians in Gaza, already living under the Israeli blockade, leaving them with less access to essential services such as adequate electricity, clean water, and essential drugs,” said Oxfam International Executive Director Jeremy Hobbs.

As Palestinian political factions are making strides towards an interim unity government, the aid agency calls on the international community to abandon the failed policy of non-engagement and begin dialogue with all the major Palestinian parties. 

“Palestinian reconciliation is a crucial step towards achieving a just and durable solution to the conflict,” Hobbs added.


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