EU at the Crossroads

Fecha de publicación: 27 Mayo 2024
Autor/a: Oxfam EU

In an era marked by crises, conflicts, and inequalities, it is essential for the EU to champion ambitious policies that foster a safer, more sustainable, and equitable world. However, rather than embracing this imperative, the EU and its Member States are increasingly adopting inward-looking approaches, driven by short-term and self-serving political agendas, under the assumption that geopolitical competition is inevitable. This narrow perspective on the world risks undermining multilateralism and global cooperation, essential elements of an inclusive and just rules-based order that strives to leave no one behind. As the newly elected European Parliament holds its inaugural plenary session in July and a new College of Commissioners takes office before the end of the year, there is a pivotal opportunity to shape an EU that prioritizes the well-being of future generations and the planet. For that, Oxfam recommends focusing on three key priority areas: 

• Championing a strong and coherent international development agenda 

• Promoting international (humanitarian) law, humanitarian action and civic space 

• Leading the charge against the climate crisis, hunger and inequalities

This paper was written by the Oxfam EU Office. It is part of a series of papers written to inform public debate on development and humanitarian policy issues. For further information on the issues raised in this paper please e-mail: