Oxfam reaction to $40bn UN announcement for health MDGs

Publicado: 22nd Septiembre 2010

To roll out his global health strategy, UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon has announced today US$40 billion for all three health-related poverty goals, with a strong focus on women and children. The strategy estimates that US$169 billion is needed to reach the health MDGs by 2015.


The money has been pledged by developed and developing countries, foundations, businesses and non-governmental organizations.


Emma Seery, Oxfam's spokesperson, said:


"Looking at the numbers so far, it's clear that rich countries are putting old promises with a seemingly big price tag in a new shiny UN wrapper, rather than announcing anything new for the world's poorest people. Almost half of the cash has already been pledged elsewhere, including at the G8 Summit in Canada this year.

"At a crucial turning point for the MDGs, we can't be distracted by a big figure, and we need details now on where countries are going to find this money and how they will spend it to save lives."


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