Oxfam warns of COVID-19 risks in camps following Indonesian earthquake

Publié: 18th janvier 2021

Oxfam warned today of the risk of an outbreak of coronavirus in the over-crowded camps where people are sheltering following Friday’s earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

At least 56 people are reported dead, more than 826 injured and more than 15,000 fled from their homes following 6.2 magnitude earthquake which damaged and destroyed hundreds of homes around the cities of Majene and Mamuju in the west of the island.  Many of those who fled the quake are now sheltering in 15 camps.

Oxfam is working through its local partners Jejaring Mitra Kemanusiaan (JMK-Humanitarian Knowledge Hub) to help those affected by the earthquake.

Oxfam in Indonesia’s Humanitarian Operation Lead Dino Argianto said:

“Initially, access to some of the affected areas was blocked due to damage to the road between the two cities. Now it has been cleared, we have been able to travel to the camps and have seen the conditions people are living in.

“The camps are overcrowded, with no precautionary measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and there is limited PPE available – yet this is a part of Indonesia that is currently classified as a high transmission risk zone.

“There are many displaced people on the road, and no segregation in the camps, leading to safety concerns particularly for women and children.

“We were able to do an initial assessment and distribute some tarpaulin for shelter, hygiene kits and dignity kits for women, but much more is needed.”

Oxfam in Indonesia will continue to work through its local partner, JMK, in close coordination with government bodies and departments, such as the National Disaster Management Office, Ministry of Social Affairs and other humanitarian agencies.


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