Who Finances Fair Transitions in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Old recipes under new labels. The EU looks at Latin America.

Publication date: 13 juillet 2023
Auteur: Hernán Saenz with the assistance of Andrea Costafreda, María Bardolet, Carlos Botella, Jeroen Kwakkenbos, Julia Manresa and Susana Ruiz

Latin American societies live on a permanent state of economic, social and political polarisation due to the impact of a major inequality crisis in which wealth is highly concentrated, and democracy and natural resources are captured for the benefit of the few. This July, the European Union (EU), under a Spanish presidency that has pushed for a high-level summit between the two regions, has the opportunity to renew the political dialogue, the economic relations and the cooperation agenda so that they can help building new social pacts focused on equality, environmental protection and human rights.