Oxfam reaction to WHO member states not reaching agreement on pandemic treaty

Publié: 1st juin 2024

In response to World Health Organization (WHO) member states not reaching an agreement on a pandemic accord in time for the World Health Assembly this week, Oxfam International’s Health Policy Lead, Anna Marriott, said:

“Negotiators have been working on drawing up a global treaty meant to prevent a repeat of the extreme vaccine apartheid between Global North and South during the COVID-19 pandemic. But time and time again in these negotiations, rich countries have danced to the tune of big pharmaceutical corporations instead of healing the deep geopolitical chasms caused by their short-sighed vaccine nationalism. We commend Global South countries for sticking to principles of equity despite huge pressure to cave.

“It's beyond time for rich countries to stop blocking proposals that prioritize saving lives everywhere over pharma monopolies and profits, and to agree to make pandemic vaccines, tests and treatments and the technology behind them public goods accessible to all. This requires binding commitments for sharing technology and knowledge, removing intellectual property barriers, and investing in local manufacturing and collaborative research between rich and poorer countries.

“Global South countries don’t have to wait for the pandemic agreement to be finalized to do more. They can prepare for the next pandemic now by investing more in public healthcare, boosting regional R&D, manufacturing and regulatory capacities, and making full use of TRIPS flexibilities.”


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