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Tackling the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Publication date: 23 mai 2012
Auteur: Abigael Baldoumas, Intern Oxfam GB, and Kelly Gilbride, Program Policy Advisor Oxfam GB

The Yemeni people are facing a worsening humanitarian crisis with more than ten million – 44 percent of the population – facing food insecurity. With the onset of the hunger season, many families have exhausted their coping strategies and are being driven deeper into poverty.

Donors remain deeply divided over their approaches to the region’s poorest country, thus delaying responses and hindering funding. As the crisis builds, donors must take steps to address immediate humanitarian needs as well as making long term commitments to promote development. The Friends of Yemen ministerial meeting in Riyadh offers a critical opportunity for donors to be decisive, creative and generous if they are to break the cycle of hunger and poverty in Yemen.

Yemen’s future depends upon reducing people’s vulnerability and building resilience for the long term, breaking the hunger cycle and empowering people to realize their potential. Failure to act now will put more lives at risk and further entrench poverty in the country.


  • Donors and Friends of Yemen should take immediate, converted action to address the food security needs of millions of Yemeni families
  • Friends of Yemen should demonstrate leadership and vision by providing predictable, long term funding which responds not only to the immediate crisis but promotes early recovery, builds resilience and enhances local capacity.
  • The Gulf Cooperation Council States should engage strategically to ensure the escalating humanitarian crisis does not undermine political transition by funding transparent and accountable aid mechanisms.

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