food crisis

  • G7 failure to tackle hunger crisis will leave millions to starve

    28 June 2022
  • Exploitative and unjust food systems a hindrance to food production, activists say.

    23 March 2023
  • In an IDP camp at the outskirts of Garowe, some different families have found shelter after they had to leave their homes because of the ongoing drought.

    The cost of neglect: half a million people across East Africa on the brink of famine

    18 May 2022
  • Mareya Ibrahim, stands among the carcasses of her livestock. Of the fifty animals she owned, she now has 7 remaining.

    Dangerous delay 2: the cost of inaction

    18 May 2022
  • First crisis, then catastrophe

    12 April 2022
  • Oxfam reaction to the IPCC’s Working Group III report on climate change mitigation

    4 April 2022