Campaigners react to Viktor Bout trial Verdict

Publié: 3rd novembre 2011

Arms expert Kathi Lynn Austin said:

"The verdict in the Viktor Bout trial closes the book on one of the most prolific enablers of war, mass atrocities and terrorism in the post-Cold War era. We should all be grateful that the world is safer now that the man who armed the hot spots of the globe is behind bars.

"To prevent the next free-wheeling, globe-trotting entrepreneur from taking Bout's place, we need stronger international controls and national laws to regulate the cross-border arms trade."

Oistein Thorsen, humanitarian campaigner at Oxfam International said:

“It is a good day when the world’s most notorious arms trafficker is put out of business and off the market for good.

"However, it is tragic that because we have no global treaty regulating the activities of arms dealers, many other unscrupulous dealers and brokers will continue to operate.

“The trial has proven, beyond reasonable doubt indeed, how murky and unregulated the world of arms trading is. We can’t rely on well-paid informants to catch all rogue traders. The answer is better global regulations. This can only be achieved through a robust Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty, to be negotiated at the United Nations this summer, is our best hope to deter arms dealers from doing business with some of the world’s biggest human right abusers.”


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