Oxfam calls for immediate restraint as Gaza-Israel violence rapidly escalates

Publié: 14th novembre 2012

In the context of rapidly escalating violence in and around Gaza and southern Israel, the international aid and development agency Oxfam has called for an immediate halt to rocket attacks towards Israel and Israeli military intervention in Gaza.

Oxfam’s Country Director Nishant Pandey joined a number of representatives of other INGOs and European leaders in condemning the violence, calling on the international community to put Gaza back on the agenda and work towards a just and durable solution leading to peace.

“The failure of world leaders to prioritize a solution for Gaza – still under blockade for more than five years now – creates an atmosphere where there are no consequences for violations committed by all sides, and civilians are the ones paying the highest price. Real security for people in Gaza and southern Israel comes when all parties to the conflict put people before politics and abide by their obligations under international law,” said Pandey.

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