Oxfam comment on leaked EU vision document for global climate deal 

Publié: 23rd février 2015

On Wednesday, the European Commission will put forward a communication outlining its stance on the global climate change talks aimed at reaching a deal by world leaders by the end of the year.  

In reaction to the leaked document on mitigation ambition, Lies Craeynest, Oxfam’s EU policy advisor, said:

“The current EU offer on emission cuts falls very short of Europe's fair share to avoid runaway climate change hitting the poorest hardest. To drive greater efforts from other countries, European governments must now emphasise that this is just a starting bid of “at least” 40% reductions, not their best and final offer.”

On climate finance:

“The EU has its head in the sand over the finance needed to seal a deal in Paris. Ahead of the Copenhagen Summit, the then EU Environment Commissioner Stravos Dimas said: “no money, no deal”. Ahead of Paris, the message from Europe is: “no money in the deal”. This needs to change rapidly if the EU is to work with developing countries to secure a strong agreement.”

Notes aux rédactions

The leaked EC Communication, entitled Paris Protocol – a blueprint for tackling global climate change beyond 2020, fires the starting shot in a year of intense climate negotiations, where all countries should spell out what they will do to curb climate change.  In June 2014, European governments committed to cut emissions by at least 40% by 2030 compared to 1990.  According to the EU, this target is in line with an 80% cut by 2050 set out in the EU 2050 roadmap.

At the launch of the 2009 EC Communication on the “Road to Copenhagen” EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said: "Without a credible financial package there will be no deal in Copenhagen" and "No money, no deal."


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