climate change

  • Fit for 55 Package: Not fit to tackle climate emergency says Oxfam

    14 July 2021
  • G7 Leaders have equal responsibility for the Amazon rain forests fire

    24 August 2019
  • Oxfam: European Court of Human Rights provides a partial step forward for climate protection but a step back on international accountability

    9 April 2024
  • Over 24 million people in Southern Africa face hunger, malnutrition, and water scarcity due to extreme weather conditions, Oxfam warns.

    3 April 2024
  • Conflict-ravaged countries pushed into “debt traps” by climate funding

    5 December 2023
  • New climate and tax taskforce must make rich polluters pay 

    2 December 2023
  • Richest 1% emit as much planet-heating pollution as two-thirds of humanity

    20 November 2023