Brussels response to Syria conflict remains tragically inadequate

Publié: 25th avril 2018

As the 6th international conference on the Syria crisis concluded in Brussels, Oxfam said the Syrian people have yet again been largely failed by the international community.

Shaheen Chughtai, Head of Campaigns for Oxfam's Syria Crisis Response, said: "Despite governments' concern about the rising tide of violence in Syria, they have failed to do anywhere near enough to relieve the human suffering it brings in its wake. The response of the world's richest countries to the conflict remains tragically inadequate - insufficient aid, not enough help for refugees and no meaningful peace process. 

"While some countries did step up with new money, overall, today's aid pledges fall short of what was promised last year to help the civilians bearing the brunt of the conflict. 
"With a few notable exceptions, rich countries have left Syria's neighbours to struggle to meet refugees needs - in total, rich countries have taken just 3 per cent of the total number of Syrians resettled. And despite some positive rhetoric, no concrete steps were taken to halt forced refugee returns."


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