Yemen fighting continues as deadline passes for cessation of hostilities

Publié: 28th novembre 2018

Commenting on the passing of the 30 day deadline for a cessation of hostilities in Yemen laid out by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Oxfam’s Yemen Country Director, Muhsin Siddiquey said: 

“More than 200 civilians are likely to have died in fighting in Yemen, with more killed by malnutrition and disease, in the 30 days since the US called for peace talks to start. 

“Rather than a cessation of hostilities, in that time we’ve seen an increase in fighting around Hudaydah and a continuing callous disregard for the lives of men, women and children caught on the front line. 

“All parties to the conflict need to urgently agree a date for peace talks and put aside their own political objectives to protect the Yemeni people from catastrophe.” 

Notes aux rédactions

Oxfam has used data for the number of civilian deaths from the Civilian Impact Monitoring Project for the period 1 August to 31 October, divided it by the number of hours in that period and then applied it to the number of hours in the last 30 days. The base data from CIMP has not been verified by Oxfam. 


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