EU governments must quickly follow up on EU inclusion plan to create inclusive and cohesive societies

Publicado: 24th Noviembre 2020

The European Commission has presented an action plan for inclusion and integration today.

Reacting to the news, Oxfam’s Europe migration campaign manager Erin McKay, said:

“The Commission has opened up an important opportunity for Europe to promoting inclusive and cohesive societies, where everyone has a stake. It’s up to our governments now to set this plan into action, for the benefit of us all.

“The coronavirus pandemic has already shown how people who live in Europe have banded together to help one another, regardless of where they were born – as essential workers in agriculture, doctors and nurses in hospitals, and researchers working tirelessly on a vaccine. EU member states must now recognise the crucial role migrants hold in our societies, and enable the equitable participation of newcomers in the economic, social and cultural life of their new communities.”

Director of migrant-led NGO New Women Connectors, Anila Noor, said:

“Migrants and refugees want to become part of a welcoming society. EU governments must facilitate integration by taking actions such as speeding up the long-waiting periods for work permits and recognising non-EU academic and working experience. In addition, the EU can play a vital role by investing in projects that create links between newcomers and local communities. These steps will help migrants fulfil their aspirations and feel at home in their new communities.”

Notas para editores

  • Oxfam’s Erin McKay and NWC’s Anila Noor are available for interviews.
  • The European Commission had announced the action plan presented today in the new EU Pact on Migration and Asylum launched in September. As part of this, the Commission has created an ‘Expert Group on the Views of Migrants in the field of migration, asylum and integration’. Anila Noor is a member of this group.
  • Oxfam conducted, together with New Women Connectors and the Global Refugee Led Network (Europe region), a consultation on the EU’s Integration Action Plan with and for women refugees, stateless, diaspora and migrants in October 2020. The main barriers found to integration were challenges accessing the labour market, language, relations with the host community and availability of information. Findings from the report are available here.

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