Oxfam reaction to UN Security Council Vote on Syria Cross-border aid

Publicado: 9th Julio 2021

In response to the results of the vote on a UN resolution continuing to allow cross-border aid into Syria, Oxfam’s Regional Humanitarian Campaign Lead for MENA, Georges Ghali said: 
“The UN Security Council’s decision to renew the cross-border resolution for 6 months with a review for renewal means that millions of Syrians who are suffering from the scourge of war, compounded by an economic collapse and a global pandemic, will continue to face an uncertain future. At a time when three in five Syrians ―12.4 million people― are facing acute hunger, it is unconscionable to limit humanitarian assistance in this way. 
“Allowing life-saving aid into the country through only one crossing point for such a short period of time is woefully insufficient for the scale of humanitarian need.  
“Across Syria, there is a desperate need to expand vital lifelines of aid whether it be through cross border, cross line or regular programming, to ensure Syrian communities aren’t forced to resort to degrading survival methods and fall further into poverty."

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Oxfam released a new report today that covers the rise in global hunger, including details on Syria: Six-fold increase in people suffering famine-like conditions since pandemic began.

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