Learning from hindsight: synthesis report on Oxfam resilience research

Fecha de publicación: 14 Septiembre 2017
Autor/a: Tara R.Gingerich, Riccardo Vitale

What can we learn about resilience by examining completed resilience, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation projects? Oxfam conducted three such case studies in Bolivia, Colombia, and Fiji, looking at the conditions required for successful resilient development as well as issues around timing and duration.

This synthesis report presents a summary of the three projects and distills the findings that were common to our analysis of them as well as a related climate change adaptation project in Vanuatu.

This report is part of a series that seeks to draw lessons from resilience projects in Latin America and the Pacific. Follow the links below to the other papers in the series:

This research was conducted with the support of the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies.