European Commission launches consultation on 2015 International Climate Change Deal - Oxfam comment

Publicado: 26th Marzo 2013

The European Commission's consultative communication published today marks the start of EU discussions on the shape of the 2015 international climate deal.

Lies Craeynest, Oxfam's EU policy advisor said: 

"Oxfam welcomes the Commission's recognition that climate finance will be a key element of any global climate deal in 2015. With only three years left to thrash out a plan which will prevent climate change undermining the food security of millions, there is no time to waste.

"The Commission recognizes that a levy on the high and rising emissions from international aviation and shipping is a major opportunity to raise new finance and must now work to make it a reality. The EU must also show, by the next UN climate summit in Warsaw later this year, how they will meet their share of the $100 billion per year committed at Copenhagen, and work to get the Green Climate Fund fully up and running.

"The Commission emphasizes the need for high ambition as a key ingredient for the 2015 deal. This message is directly targeted at EU governments that continue to protect dirty industries. The EU must take urgent steps to fix the ailing emission trading system and move towards the long-promised 30% cuts in greenhouse gases by 2020 - developing countries will expect nothing less of their European partners in a 2015 global climate deal."

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