Oxfam reaction to South Sudan donor conference in Oslo: Today’s promises must swiftly translate into concrete contributions

Publicado: 20th Mayo 2014

Speaking from Oslo at the conclusion of the Oslo Conference, Oxfam’s Country Director for South Sudan Cecilia Milan said:

“Oxfam welcomes this healthy injection of funds, but donors must swiftly translate today’s promises into concrete contributions. With a confirmed outbreak of cholera in Juba and the nation on the cusp of a catastrophic food crisis, the fast delivery of these funds to South Sudan is paramount.

“The generosity of those nations who have contributed is sincerely appreciated, but we mustn’t stop at this. The additional $600 million for relief efforts in South Sudan and for South Sudanese refugees in the region brings total aid promises to $1.2 billion, but with a total $2.2bn needed, the funding gap remains vast. To prevent the crisis from escalating further, additional contributions must be made as soon as possible, and each country should give their fair share - country contributions to aid should be calculated based on the size of their own economies.

“Humanitarian actors stand ready to deliver the urgently needed life-saving support. However, today’s financial contributions need to be accompanied by a redoubling of efforts to persuade South Sudan’s leaders to reach a lasting peaceful solution to their differences and allow safe passage of aid to all areas in need.”

Notes to editors:

If conflict continues in South Sudan, it is projected that by December 2014, 1.5 million people will have been forced from their homes by insecurity or hunger, and a further 850,000 will have sought refuge in neighboring countries including Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya. Currently 1.2 million are internally displaced and over 340,000 have fled to across South Sudan’s borders since fighting began in December 2013.

Oxfam South Sudan appeal

People can donate now at www.oxfam.org/en/emergencies/southsudan, or in the UK, text DONATE to 70066 to give £5.

  • $8/£5 can help provide food for two people for a month.
  • $16/£9.50 would provide a family with a fuel efficient stove to cook with.
  • $75/£45 would buy 1kg of onion seeds to provide people with food to eat and sell during the coming agricultural season.
  • For $350/£208 Oxfam could build an emergency latrine, providing a safe and clean place for 50 people to go to the toilet, helping to combat the spread of disease.

Información de contacto

For more information or to organize an interview contact Aimee Brown on +211 914 073 818 or abrown@oxfam.org.uk

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