"A Short Film About GUNS" Selected as part of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival Short Film Program

Publié: 12th mars 2013

Short Film looks at the impact of the unregulated arms trade

A Short Film About GUNS will be screened in the ‘History Lessons’ shorts program and has also been selected to be one of 4 shorts in the TFF Online Competition. The TFF screening allows the film to be eligible for Academy Award nomination.

New York: "A Short Film About GUNS" - which examines the unregulated arms trade and how an upcoming treaty negotiations can improve the situation globally – was picked up to be part of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Featuring four arms trafficking experts who recount their first hand experiences with the black market in arms trade, the short film was produced to shed some light on an industry that generates over $60 billion annually.

The Arms Trade Treaty is being negotiated at the United Nations from March 18-28, and the four experts call on governments to agree this legally-binding arms treaty.

Greek-Cypriot Director Minos Papas partnered with the Control Arms coalition, which includes aid agency Oxfam, to produce the film.

Short film about GUNS posterMinos Papas, Director said: “It is an honor to be part of such a prestigious festival as the Tribeca Film Festival. Tribeca offers us the opportunity to screen the film to new audiences and spread awareness on how the unregulated arms trade escalates conflict around the world. I sincerely hope that our world leaders will achieve a meeting of the minds at these upcoming Arms Trade Treaty negotiations. Unlike other UN resolutions that remain unenforced, this treaty has the potential to truly save lives and help contain the rampant devastation occurring in war-torn areas of the globe. The business of selling arms has been unholstered for too long. Time to control it.”

Allison Pytlak, Campaign Manager of the Control Arms Coalition: “We’re thrilled that the short film was chosen and the timing could not be better. Governments are about to start two weeks of negotiations with the aim of securing the world’s first-ever Arms Trade Treaty. The Director did an excellent job in exposing the reasons why we need such an agreement to regulate a dangerous and growing trade. Congratulations to Minos Papas."

The four experts featured in the 8-minute Short Film are:

  • Kathi Lynn Austin, arms trafficking investigator, Executive Director of Conflict Awareness Project.
  • Ishmael Beah, Former Child soldier, author of "A Long Way Gone: memoirs of a Boy Soldier".
  • Paul Conroy, Sunday Times war photographer, injured while working in Syria.
  • Stuart Franklin Platt, Rear Admiral US Navy (ret.), author of "Letters From the Front Line"

Kathi Lynn Austin: “As an arms trafficking expert who has battled the scourge of unregulated arms on the frontlines of war for nearly two decades, it is my hope that the film will inspire a broader public to proactively support an Arms Trade Treaty and share the burden of containing unnecessary death and destruction throughout our inter-connected world. Unequivocal, impassioned, the message for our time, I congratulate the filmmakers of a "Short Film About GUNS" on their Tribeca Film Festival selection.”

The Short film was shot in London, New York City and Seattle. Link to a high-resolution poster of “Short Film about GUNS”

I hope the film will inspire a broader public to proactively support an Arms Trade Treaty.
Kathi Lynn Austin
Executive Director of Conflict Awareness Project

Notes aux rédactions

The Short film was shot in London, New York City and Seattle. Download a high-resolution poster of “Short Film about GUNS”.


Minos Papas – Director, Cyprian Films New York – minos@cyprianfilmsny.com, +1 917 497 7026
Louis Belanger – Oxfam – Louis.belanger@Oxfaminternational.org, +1 917 224 0834
Greg Hittelman – Conflict Awareness Project – ghittelman@conflictawareness.org, +1 310 717 0606 

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