Refugees in Greece need access to asylum process as quickly as possible

Publié: 24th mai 2016

Commenting on today's movement of thousands of stranded migrants from the Greek border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Oxfam Acting Country Director Marina Van Dixhoorn said:

“Oxfam is working in the Filipiada camp where families being transferred from Idomeni are due to arrive in 24 hours. We will work alongside the Government of Greece to help those families to have access to basic services and maintain their dignity, and it's the responsibility of the authorities to ensure people are registered and have access to the asylum process as quickly as possible.

“Families constantly tell us that they are given little, if any, information about what is happening when they are moved on. This adds further to their despair and desperation. People must be given full access to information and services, including general health and mental health support.

“Vulnerable people, the majority of whom are women and children, are being treated like pawns in a chess game. Europe's response is clearly not fit for purpose. EU leaders must provide safe and legal routes for those seeking to enter Europe and meet their international responsibilities as people arrive.”


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