refugees welcome

refugees welcome

Lena’s initiative - a restaurant called "Nan" - is one of the many examples of Greek entrepreneurs in Lesbos, who - together with volunteers from all over Europe and with refugees - create and sustain a friendly, active and kind community. A community, which is a mosaic of diverse groups and individuals who work, learn and exchange, while getting to know and appreciate one another.

Less than 3% of five million Syrian refugees resettled in rich countries

A new report published by Oxfam shows that a lack of political will and a rise in xenophobia have driven a backlash against refugees in many countries, while the arrival of Syrian refugees has been delayed in some countries because of lengthy processes, security screenings, and an increasingly hostile political climate.

One million refugees and migrants have fled to Europe in 2015

As the number of people fleeing to Europe passes one million, Oxfam is calling on the international community to address what is a global crisis. The uncomfortable truth is that the conflicts and brutality fuelling refugee migration have grown in recent years to unprecedented levels. 

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