Diminished, derogated, denied: how the right to asylum in Greece is undermined by the lack of EU responsibility sharing

Fecha de publicación: 2 Julio 2020
Authors: Natalia-Rafaella Kafkoutsou, Spyros-Vlad Oikonomou

The new Greek asylum law that entered into force on 1 January 2020 has significantly diminished protection for people seeking asylum. The law and its amendments increase asylum seekers’ vulnerabilities, while limiting access to their fundamental right to seek asylum and be protected from serious risks. Meanwhile, the Greek policies and practices are part of a worrying EU-wide effort to reduce the number of refugees who can find safety in European countries.

The Greek Council for Refugees and Oxfam urge the EU to establish a responsibility sharing mechanism for asylum seekers that enhances their protection. They also urge the Greek government to review and amend its asylum laws so as to ensure respect for the rights of asylum seekers and compliance with international and EU law.