Europe sweeps aside its international responsibility to Afghans 

Publicado: 31st Agosto 2021

European home affairs ministers will meet today to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.  

Ahead of this meeting, Erin McKay, European Migration Campaign Manager, said:   

“European governments are washing their hands of their international obligation to offer refuge to those seeking safety and pushing it on to other countries. While support for countries neighbouring Afghanistan is much needed, European countries cannot hold Afghans at an arm's length, but rather should lead efforts to welcome those who are fleeing for their lives. EU countries must dramatically increase their commitments to resettle refugees and welcome those who reach Europe seeking safety. Afghans already in Europe must be able to claim asylum, rebuild their lives and not face the fear of returns.”  

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Spokespeople are available in Brussels. Oxfam is unable to provide updates on the situation inside Afghanistan due to staff safety concerns.  

European home affairs ministers will meet on 31 August to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. EU defense ministers will meet to discuss the situation in Afghanistan from 1-2 September, and foreign ministers will do the same when they meet from 2-3 September. 

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