EU attempts to dismantle its own asylum rules in latest migration proposal

Publicado: 7th Diciembre 2022

Tomorrow, European migration ministers are set to meet to discuss a proposal to erode EU asylum standards. The so-called Instrumentalisation Regulation allows European countries to ignore EU asylum law if they think that non-EU countries or others are using migration to put pressure on Europe.  

Ahead of the meeting, Oxfam EU’s migration expert, Stephanie Pope warned: 

“EU ministers must scrap this attempt to dismantle EU asylum rules. It allows European countries to erode asylum standards when they feel migration is being used to put pressure on them.  

“Instead of coming up with ways to break EU asylum rules, European ministers must focus on building a migration system that works. We have seen again and again how the current system has failed. Across Europe, we see dubious migration deals being made with non-EU countries that make them vulnerable to this type of pressure. We have also seen in Greece, children in detention, European-funded prison-like centers and continued pushbacks. 

“A migration system that works is one where all EU countries share the responsibility for welcoming people and one where people can apply for asylum in a fair and timely way while living in decent conditions.  

“This proposal is just another step towards Fortress Europe.” 

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Stephanie Pope is available for comment and interview. 

Last December, the EU Commission tabled a proposal on border and migration management which Oxfam labelled a strengthening of Fortress Europe. This followed an increase in people crossing the EU border into Poland.  

The instrumentalization regulation allows EU countries to exempt themselves from EU asylum rules when they consider that a third-country or non-state actor is using migrants to put pressure on the EU. This exception would allow EU countries to provide worse living conditions, and delay the registration of asylum seekers locking them into legal limbo with less access to rights and safeguards. 

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