Oxfam’s recommendations on the OECD-DAC reform of aid to private sector instruments

Fecha de publicación: 1 Julio 2016
Autor/a: Oxfam and other CSO allies

The DAC’s reform process offers an opportunity to develop rigorous and demanding criteria and standards to better regulate the use of aid in private sector investments, and to ensure that development motivations are not undermined by commercial motivations, or the interests of DAC members seeking to use ODA to support their own private sector.

The following recommendations – which we address to DAC Members and the DAC Secretariat – aim at ensuring the reform leads to a principled approach of the use of aid to leverage private finance. We hope these recommendations will be taken into consideration at the meeting of the Working Party on Development Finance SRtatistics (4-5 July 2016) and at the DAC’s Senior Level Meeting (October 2016).

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