OECD plans to open up tax reform to developing countries welcome but more is needed

Publicado: 23rd Febrero 2016

Oxfam today gave a cautious welcome to the OECD's plans to open up its tax reform process to developing countries but said more fundamental global tax reforms, beyond BEPS, are still needed to stop corporate tax scandals.

The OECD invitation for all countries and jurisdictions to implement the BEPS action plan – aimed at tackling corporate tax dodging – is expected to be endorsed by G20 Finance Ministers when they meet in Shanghai, China on 26 and 27 February.

Claire Godfrey, Head of Policy for Oxfam’s Even it Up campaign said:

“The OECD’s recognition that all countries need to work together on an equal footing to tackle corporate tax dodging is a positive step.   For too long developing countries have had no real say over global tax reforms despite losing billions of dollars to corporate tax dodgers every year.

“However poor countries can only be part of the OECD process if they accept a tax reform package that they had no say in designing, that doesn’t meet many of their needs, and that fails to address critical issues such as the use of tax havens.

“Poor countries will need more support from the international community if they are to make the most of the reforms currently on the table.  

“Ultimately more fundamental reforms to the global tax system, agreed in a truly international forum such as the UN, are needed to stop corporate tax scandals and ensure all countries – rich and poor - can claim the tax revenues owed to them.” 

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