LuxLeaks Whistleblowers guilty verdict a scandal

Publicado: 29th Junio 2016

Oxfam condemns the guilty verdicts in respect of the two defendants, Antoine Deltour and Raphaël Halet, in the #LuxLeaks whistleblowers trial.

Max Lawson, Oxfam’s Inequality Policy Lead said: “Tax dodgers will be emboldened by this verdict – the law is on their side, which is wrong.  It will take an exceptionally brave individual to speak out about tax abuse now that they face the very real prospect of a huge fine or imprisonment.

“Whistleblowers who expose tax dodging should be celebrated and protected - not prosecuted and there must be greater transparency in the tax system. For example governments should require companies to publish reports of their economic activities in every country they operate, so that it’s clear if they are paying their fair share of tax where they do business.”

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Antoine Deltour, a former PwC employee, who provided much of the LuxLeaks information was charged with theft, violation of Luxembourg’s professional secrecy laws, violation of trade secrets, and illegally accessing a database.  A second whistleblower, Raphaël Halet, also stood trial and was found guilty.  A third defendant, Edouard Perrin, a journalist involved in the leak, was acquitted.

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